Inventor's CAD Drawing Package

Inventor's Package

From sketch to computer screen

Contract CAD Services works closely with inventors, and we will get your ideas out of your head and on the computer screen. Once the Part or Parts that make up the Assembly are generated in 3D CAD Software we will then generate 2D CAD Drawings so Parts can be manufactured. After the first set of prototypes have been manufactured, we then make change revisions to the 3D and 2D. Once the Invention is ready we will assist you with the Utility and Design Patent Drawings, and help you get in contact with a local patent attorney if required.

When you apply for a patent you're required by patent law to supply drawings of your invention whenever drawings are necessary to understand the invention. So typically patent drawings must be filed for nearly every patent application. All patent drawings must show every feature of the invention specified in the claims, and is required by the Patent Office Standards to be in a particular format. CCS will provide you with patent drawings in the exact format required.

To begin our process the Inventors Package includes a signed Non Disclosure Agreement sent to you for the protection of your proprietary concepts, and ideas.

Before creating any CAD models of the product, it will be necessary for us to get all of your Ideas in as much detail as possible. Don't let this request slow you down – we have produced products with little more than crude sketches on napkins.

Include any and all things that help describe the product you want to produce, and what you believe are the key components that make it unique. Share this task with anyone on your team that may provide input, and feel free to send us an email at

You will receive complete 3D data sets of your new product. These data sets will be created in CAD and will be fully compatible with the most advanced manufacturing systems around the world.

Your product data sets will be formatted to be distributed electronically for tooling quotes, and to also be used for mold design and CNC manufacturing. WE work with Iges files, Step files, STL files, & 2D Drawings, and Adobe PDF.

At the conclusion we will send your 3D CAD Model data sets to manufacturing for moving forward with sourcing and quotes.