IT Solutions

IT Solutions

Delivering performance and productivity

Contract CAD Services provides a complete portfolio of IT solutions to meet all of your CAD workstation and networking needs. We can architect and implement your entire office network to meet the needs and budget of your individual set of criteria. Our team will implement your specific needs in the most efficient and cost effective way, to provide you with a solution that will deliver the performance and productivity that you desire. We offer the following services to handle all of your IT needs.

  • Network planning to provide your company with the necessary assets to facilitate all desired tasks.
  • Custom server and workstation specifications and assembly/configuration for specific needs.
  • Network appliances and equipment to meet all security and efficiency goals.
  • All Network/Phone Cabling.
  • Programming of all network equipment.
  • Monitoring and notification solutions for network stability and integrity.
  • Email, Data Storage and Backup solutions.
  • Electronic company presence management including registration of domain names and hosting solutions.
  • Desktop and Network Support packages to keep assets online and stable.
  • Remote Monitoring and Maintenance solutions.
  • Building high powered 64 Bit CAD Workstations with 16gb of Ram to support large Assembly 3D models.

We also provide customized solutions for specifications not listed above to meet your individual company needs. Please request a quote today to see how we can increase your companies productivity and reduce bloated IT budgets.

Web Design Services

Complete web design services are available through Kidd Creative.