Letter from the President

Contract CAD Services started as a result of successful relationships that have been formed over the years in the automotive design community.

The automotive design community is actually a small group of people. When on the west coast, or in Detroit, as a new vehicle team is assembled, many of the faces are familiar from past projects. Body designers, engine guys, plastics designers, seating experts, exterior resin specialists, all gathered together to discuss an "all new vehicle" or a "special project".

When looking around the room you already know who has the skills. They all do. But only a selected few also have the intangible attributes and people skills that fuel team success.

Contract CAD Services is comprised of people that love what they do. Sounds simple, but that was an important element for forming this company. Our goal was to surround ourselves with talented people that view "problems" as "opportunities for innovation" and have the skills to deliver. As it turns out, this has proved to be effective criteria in creating highly creative results.

Over the years we have grown and now provide design and engineering services to a wide range of clients. Military contractors designing ground force vehicles, Missile Defense Agency projects, even concept designs for space vehicles.

At the core of Contract CAD Services we remain car guys, but we have learned that what really engages us is simply being in the thick of a design task.

It is especially satisfying to me when finding ourselves completely engrossed in an inventor's idea for something completely removed from the automotive industry, and approaching it in the same manor, and with the same enthusiasm.

We view design work as a privilege to do what we love, and as an opportunity to demonstrate elegance in engineering.

We would like to hear about your next project, and we are prepared to share with your team the 'best practices' used by the most demanding engineering teams around the world.

Cheers, Pat

Patrick J Kennedy
Founding Partner – President
Contract CAD Services LLC

Request for Quote

Special project with Shelby American in Las Vegas. Marrying a Shelby Cobra Daytona racing frame with the first polished aluminum Cobra street body. Carroll Shelby had lusted for this car until his staff presented a polished body to him for his 80th birthday at the Barrett Jackson auction in Scottsdale.